Sunday, January 24, 2016

Project Baby Boy 

Where do you find really soft cotton to make baby clothes? My favorite thrift store of course! 

Since I used the super soft men's shirt I found for $2, I didn't even have to put the snaps on!
I reused a zipper from a dress for diaper access. Can't wait to hold that little guy <3.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow Day Refashion

A snow day means many things to teachers everywhere. Most sleep in, read, or get some housework done. Me? I get up earlier than usual and start my mess making! Here's what I've far:)
Crying because I miss school so much;)

 One of my dollar items from the weekend was this beautiful silk blouse that was just a tad short (which never happens when you're barely 5'3). I was going to just use the fabric for doll clothes but couldn't give up that perfect turquoise from my almost totally black and gray wardrobe. The black blouse was my daughter's ( and had a missing button and small tear.
Well...lets see how many more messes I can make's not even lunch time...
Had just enough silk left over for a cape for Lulu the unicorn (made of new fabric).

Refashion Times Two

It was a perfect winter weekend for creating (messes) around here. Stopped by my favorite thrift store, after buying some addicting honey roasted peanut butter, and found this green, stretch, corduroy shirt for $1.00 (well, you had to buy five items to make them each a dollar, but, still).

After some encouragement from by husband, some snipping, and stitching...a skirt...
With the sleeves I made these adorable baby pants(new grandson on the way❤️)...

I was even brave enough to wear the skirt while teaching the next day...
Brave...I know!
Two refashions for one, So Much Fun!