Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow Day Refashion

A snow day means many things to teachers everywhere. Most sleep in, read, or get some housework done. Me? I get up earlier than usual and start my mess making! Here's what I've done....so far:)
Crying because I miss school so much;)

 One of my dollar items from the weekend was this beautiful silk blouse that was just a tad short (which never happens when you're barely 5'3). I was going to just use the fabric for doll clothes but couldn't give up that perfect turquoise from my almost totally black and gray wardrobe. The black blouse was my daughter's (thenewtriathletekara.blogspot.com) and had a missing button and small tear.
Well...lets see how many more messes I can make today...it's not even lunch time...
Had just enough silk left over for a cape for Lulu the unicorn (made of new fabric).

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